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My Curriculum Vitae Download PDF (66KB)

Hargreaves, E.L., Yoganarasimha, D., and Knierim J.J. (2007). Cohesiveness of spatial and directional representations recorded from neural ensembles in the anterior thalamus, parasubiculum, medial entorhinal cortex, and hippocampus. Hippocampus, 17, 826-841. Download PDF (2.394MB)

Knierim J.J., Lee, I., and Hargreaves, E.L. (2006). Hippocampal place cells: parallel input streams, subregional processing and implications for episodic memory. Hippocampus, 16, 755-764. Download PDF (670KB)

Hargreaves, E.L., Rao, G., Lee, I., and Knierim J. J. (2005). Major dissociation between medial and lateral entorhinal input to dorsal hippocampus. Science, 308, 1792-1794. Download PDF Article (314KB) Download PDF Supplementary Information (1.646MB)

Nimmrich,V., Hargreaves, E.L., Muslimov, I.A., Bianchi, R., and Tiedge, H. (2004). Dendritic BC1 RNA: modulation by kindling-induced afterdischarges. Molecular Brain Research, 133, 110-118. Download PDF (504KB)

Hawley, E.S, Hargreaves, E.L., Kubie, J.L., Rivard, B., and Muller, R.U. (2002). Telemetry system for reliable recording of action potentials from freely moving rats. Hippocampus, 12, 505-513. Download PDF (1.66MB)

Swanson-park, J.L., Coussens, C.M., Mason-parker, S.E., Raymond, C.R., Hargreaves, E.L., Dragunow, M., Cohen, A.S., and Abraham, W.C. (1999). A double dissociation within the hippocampus of dopamine D1/D5 receptor and Beta-adrenergic receptor contributions to the persistence of long-term potentiation. Neuroscience, 92, 485-497. Download PDF (216KB)

Kentros, C., Hargreaves, E.L., Hawkins, R.D., Kandel, E.R., Shapiro, M.L., and Muller, R.U. (1998). Abolition of long-term stability of new hippocampal place cell maps by NMDA receptor blockade. Science, 280, 2121-2126. Download PDF (1.33MB)

Hargreaves, E.L., Côté, D., and Shapiro M.L. (1997). A dose of MK801 previously shown to impair spatial learning in the radial maze attenuates primed burst potentiation in the dentate gyrus of freely moving rats. Behavioral Neuroscience, 111, 35-48. Download PDF (1.36MB)

Shapiro, M.L., and Hargreaves, E.L. (1997). Long term potentiation: attending to levels of organization of learning and memory mechanisms. Invited Commentary on BBS target article Shors and Matzel LTP: what's learning got to do with it? Behavioral Brain Sciences, 20, 631-632. Download PDF (430KB)

Cain, D.P., Saucier, D., Hall, J., Hargreaves, E.L., and Boon, F. (1996). Detailed behavioral analysis of water-maze acquisition under APV or CNQX: Contribution of sensorimotor-disturbances to drug-induced acquisition deficits. Behavioral Neuroscience, 110, 86-102. Download PDF (1.63MB)

Saucier, D., Hargreaves, E.L., Boon, F. Vanderwolf, C.H., and Cain, D.P. (1996). Detailed behavioral analysis of water maze acquisition under systemic NMDA or muscarinic blockade: pretraining eliminates spatial learning deficits resulting from NPC17742, a novel competitive NMDA receptor antagonist. Behavioral Neuroscience, 110, 103-116. Download PDF (1.31MB)

Cain, D.P., Grant, S.G.N., Saucier, D., Hargreaves, E.L., and Kandel, E.R. (1995). Fyn tyrosine kinase is required for normal amygdala kindling. Epilepsy Research, 22, 107-114. Download PDF (653KB)

Dringenberg, H.C., Hargreaves, E.L., Baker, G.B., Cooley, R.K., and Vanderwolf, C.H. (1995). p-Chlorophenylalanine-induced serotonin depletion: reduction in exploratory locomotion but no obvious sensory-motor deficits. Behavioral Brain Research, 68, 229-237. Download PDF (740KB)

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Mead, L.A., Hargreaves, E.L., Ossenkopp K.-P., and Kavaliers, M. (1995). Multivariate assessment of spontaneous locomotor activity in the mongolian gerbil (Meriones Unguiculatus): the influence of age and sex. Physiology and Behavior, 57, 893-899. Download PDF (591KB)

Cain, D.P., Hargreaves, E.L., and Boon, F. (1994). Brain temperature-and behavior-related changes in the dentate gyrus field potential during sleep, cold water immersion, radiant heating, and urethane anesthesia. Brain Research, 658, 135-144. Download PDF (822KB)

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Cain, D.P., Hargreaves, E.L., Boon, F., and Dennison, Z. (1993). An examination of the relations between hippocampal long-term potentiation kindling afterdischarge and place learning in the water maze. Hippocampus, 5, 153-163. Download PDF (889KB)

Ossenkopp, K.-P., and Hargreaves, E.L. (1993). Spatial learning in an enclosed eight-arm radial maze in rats with sodium arsanilate-induced labyrinthectomies. Behavioral and Neural Biology, 59, 253-257. Download PDF (482KB)

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