This site provides a comprehensive introduction to the hippocampus and a number of endogenous and neuroplasticity phenomena that reside therein. The site covers the anatomy of the hippocampal system, the famous case of H.M., and the history of the system's involvement in learning and memory.

Additionally, the site covers the neuroplasticity phenomena of Kindling and long term potentiation (LTP), the endogenous LFP/EEG pattern of theta and phenomena of Sharp waves (SPW), and finally the directional and "spatial tuning" signals exhibted by individual units, exemplified by head direction cells, place cells and their newly discovered counterparts: grid cells.

All the articles are fully illustrated, cross indexed, outlinked, and heavily referenced. Just choose an article from the main menu at left and a submenu of the article's outline will appear below. As for information about me, you can click my pic or follow this link. NYU logo

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